Private full-day wine tour in picturesque Piedmont, coupled with adventurous truffle hunting and a culinary dinner in a traditional restaurant.

A tour for true connoisseurs of Piedmont delicacies, this will be a dynamic trip to the Langhe region of Italy famous for its exquisite black and precious white truffles. Enjoy the unique beauty of the Piedmont region, including its picturesque woodlands, the lush verdure of its gently rolling hills, backed by the majesty of its snowcapped mountains, and the medieval castles that add their own majesty to the landscape. The mountain range sets bounds to an incredible gastronomical heritage. You will taste the best of local cuisine and drink Barbaresco wine in one of the best wineries of the region.

Truffle hunting
This tour will give you the chance to go truffle hunting in Alba, the gastronomical capital of Italy. Truffles grow underground in symbiotic relationship with the roots of particular trees. During a walk through the woods, truffle experts from Piedmont will explain everything related to this culinary delicacy. The exquisite black truffle is harvested from the end of May until December, while the most expensive and rare – the white truffle – is hunted out between the end of September and December.

Enjoy an appetizer with truffle snacks after the hunt before moving on to the main culinary event at lunch in a traditional restaurant with panoramic views of the local vineyards. Meals typical of the Langhe region include: gnocchi (potato dumplings with cheese), white mushroom risotto, tender agnolotti pasta, roasted rabbit with vegetables, veal with Barbaresco wine, homemade ice-cream, and semifreddo or panna cotta. A sommelier will help you choose the best combination of wine and the dishes you have chosen.

Barbaresco winery
After the meal, a wine tasting will be hosted at one of Barbaresco’s famous wineries. The building has belonged to a noble family of marquises since the 18th century but the family’s own first wine began production in 1973. In a short time it acquired a worldwide renown as being one of the best producers of Barbaresco wines from its own vineyards, which exclusively grow the Nebbiolo grape. A favorable microclimate allows the growth of high-quality grapes even during years in which the harvest is difficult.

Recently, the winery has been considerably enlarged and provided with modern equipment for the production of wine of the highest quality standard – DOCG.

At the end of the wine trip to the Langhe region, you will see the small but very beautiful historical centre of the town of Barbaresco, completely surrounded by its famous vineyards. Barbaresco is a place of amazing natural beauty, located in the Langhe hills. You can admire the panorama of the vineyards, woods and medieval fortresses and settlements from any point of view.

Chauffeur driven service (Mercedes E-class)
Private guided truffle hunt with the local expert and dogs
Delicious three-course lunch featuring traditional meals paired with wine
Private guided tour of the winery with the local expert
Private tasting of  Barbaresco wine

Tour duration is 9 hours
Tour departure cities: Milan, Verona, Venice, Brescia, Bergamo, Turin and any area in Piedmont

Price per person

490 Euro based on a group of 2 participants

380 Euro based on a group of 3 participants

325 Euro based on a group of 4 participants

300 Euro based on a group of 5 participants

280 Euro based on a group of 6 participants

260 Euro based on a group of 7 participants

240 Euro based on a group of 8 participants


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